A Tart You Can Take Home To Your Mum!

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    We bake fresh daily, cutting no corners and always holding the upmost professionalism.

    We have a very large variety of cakes, pastries and breads, as well as our delicious and fresh gourmet café range.


    The most asked question about or cakes is "do your cakes have fresh cream?"
    Answer: Absolutely. We at Flying Tarts make fresh cream products DAILY.
    We have such a large selection of cakes that will catch your eye as soon as you enter the bakery. The most common phrase used by customers when choosing a cake is – "There are so many beautiful cakes to choose from, I’ll need more time to select"!

    We also have gluten free cakes available.

    Special Occasion cakes:

    Head Pastry Chef Alvin makes all of our Special Occasion cakes.
    Whether it's a basic Jam and Cream birthday sponge, or a funky Chocolate Mud 21st or even an elegant White Mud and Caramel Wedding cake, Alvin is the man for you.


    Our pastry chefs at Flying Tarts use top quality beef mince and melt-in-your-mouth chunky beef and lamb in our pies.
    Our cheese and bacon sausage rolls are a top seller and you’ll love our gourmet pastry selection.